This is a question that we hear on a regular basis from customers looking for a custom exhaust system, and is easier to answer than you would think.

Performance muffler companies like Borla, Carven, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow all make claims of increased horsepower and sound when changing your vehicles factory muffler to one of their performance mufflers.

So how do you decide which to choose from?

It all comes down to budget, sound level, and personal preference. If you’ve had a performance exhaust system on a previous vehicle and were happy with how it sounded, you’ll probably want to use the same brand you used on your last vehicle.

Need help deciding?

You can always search online for soundclips to get a rough idea of what your vehicle would sound like with a custom exhaust. If you’re still having having trouble deciding, when your vehicle is on one of our lifts, and your factory exhaust is removed, we can temporarily hold up any performance muffler we have in stock and let you hear what it will sound like in person.

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