Your vehicle’s brake system is one of the most critical components of your vehicle. It’s important to know when to have them inspected or replaced. Below are a few common signs that might mean it’s time for an inspection, replacement, or repair.

Brake Squeal

A vehicle’s brakes are designed to squeal or squeak when nearing replacement.  It’s an indicator that the brake pads or shoes have been worn to a point that they are low. If you are hearing a sound like this when applying the brakes, you may want to have your car, truck, or SUV  checked out by a qualified professional.

Vibration or Shaking

If you feel a persistent vibration or shaking while braking, that could mean you have one or more warped brake rotors. This is typically caused by excessive heat. Warped brake rotors can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your brake system and should be inspected.

Grinding or Humming

If you are hearing or feeling a metal on metal grinding while braking, it is very likely little, if any, brake pads are left. This is something that should be inspected and addressed immediately. Typically at this point new brake pads and rotors or brake shoes and drums are recommended.

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